Consignor Info

We are looking for desirable consignment items. Things like Clean Furniture, Antiques, Working Appliances, Power & Hand Tools, Antique Toys, Costume & Fine Jewelry, Clocks & Pocket Watches, Hunting & Fishing Gear, Musical Instruments, Pottery, Glassware, Nice Rugs, Artwork, Coins, Trains, Radios, Indian Blankets, Ivory, Collectable Dolls, Music Boxes, Sterling Silver, Quilts & Linens, Postcards....
37% General Merchandise
10% Rolling Stock
Consignment fees are:
 Umpqua Auction
Desirability is the key to Auction Value
We reserve the right to dispose of any item(s) that are dirty, damaged, or unsellable.
Disposal Fees will apply.
Items are auctioned without reserves.
Consignment Checks are generated within 7 to 10 business days. Balances remaining under $20 will be released after one month of inactivity.
We cannot guarantee in which Auction your items will sell, or whether all items consigned will sell at the same Auction.
Drop offs are by Appointment Only
Accept Broken, Non-Operational, Damaged or Soiled Merchandise
Will Not
Umpqua Auction offers hauling services for single items or entire estates. Please call for rates.