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Umpqua Auction invites you to our weekly auctions - Saturdays at 4:00 pm
Come and enjoy the family friendly environment, lively competitive bidding, and take home a treasure or two!

Experience the auction method of selling and see why more and more people are joining in on the fun and excitement of a live auction.
Umpqua Auction
On November 16, 2013 Umpqua Auction had a benefit Auction for my Wife and I. The Auction was Awesome. It was well attended (packed house).Jill Powell, the Auctioneer was awesome, her style and professionalism was really something to see. She did excellent in presenting each item and making people aware of the charity items and any history that came with the items being auctioned off. I would highly recommend Umpqua Auction to anybody. Not only are they a wonderful business, they also care about people in our community.
Thank you so much for the fantastic job you've done in selling our furniture, knick knacks and special collections. You and your crew are absolutely top drawer, from picking up everything, sorting it and displaying it beautifully, to getting top dollar-I truly couldn't be happier with your service. No wonder so many people attend your auctions.
Jill Powell
Sincerely, B & K Jones
I have had the pleasure of working with the people at Umpqua Auction. They are wonderful especially Jill Powell who is the glue that holds the operation together. I was faced with the formidable task of selling a lifetime's worth of farm equipment & household goods. Jill suggested we hold an onsite auction. Never having been involved with an auction before, I was a little skeptical but Jill soon changed my mind. Throughout this process, Jill has been enthusiastic, honest, efficient and sensitive to our needs. On the day of the on-site Saturday auction, all the planning that Jill and her crew had done paid off and they held a wildly successful auction. I was impressed!
C. West
Sincerely, L. Smolesky